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January 7, 2013 1 comment

PUSH POWER PROMO – Our featured artist goes by the name of TDIRTY! Here’s his story:

“What’s up world….first off let me introduce to you who I am. I go by the name TDIRTY….I was born and raised in strop-city (bastrop) Louisiana, Sportsman’s paradise…but around my way..wasn’t no paradise…not even a getaway..I grew up in a single parent home…no pops…you know how that shit my sister and my older brother…we stayed in a part of town that made me who I am….why I spit it like it is…growing up in a 2bed room shack..wit most of the windows broken out…winters was a muthafucka…I even slept in my coat….our home stayed getting broken into..every other night it seemed…I even saw my mom almost get raped on one of those occasions…which now makes me a lite sleeper..slightly paranoid….I grew up fast..hung in the streets….never joined a gang…but I had my click…it seemed that was all I needed until one day I came home & turned the Tv on…it was on Yo Mtv raps…I think the most memorable moment was when I saw Eric b and Rakim’s microphone fiend…I was stuck…captured by the pure raw flows…I knew then..that’s what I wanted to do….so I fucked with it…at first I use to get in trouble because my mother played the electric guitar and she was always telling us not to mess with her amp…one day I was like forget that..I wanna rap with it….so I hooked up her microphone to her guitar my mom’s old radio and recorded myself just flowing…yeah eventually I got my ass whooped..but I would’ve did it all over again and took a thousand more whoopings to rock the mic….by the time I was 14 I was in the clubs with the grown folks…by me sitting and observing what made people move and yell out “that’s my shit” made me go and create music that people really can feel…real shit was all I knew… I was doing lil’ shows here and there…some people feeling me…some wasn’t…but hey! it comes with the territory…I remember I did a show and the club promoter couldn’t pay us because few people showed…so they paid me and my cuzzn with boxes of liquor…yeah I was upset but that’s til the drank kicked in…later on I decided to go to college…I attended Grambling State University in 1995..I took up art cause that what I also did other than music…me and cuzzn later started a group called stood fa unknown kin…we use to do mixtapes in our dorm room and pass em out over campus…people was feeling our music…we even auditioned for that first homecoming talent show…we got cut quicker than a turkey on thanksgiving…but that only motivated me…by my sophomore year I was known around campus for my music…tragedy also struck as well when I found out my brother was killed in a car accident..that really fucked me up…I quit rapping for a while…but then one day I thought about it…my brother wouldn’t want me to why am I…then I thought… if he can go to Russia and win a gold medal…I can do this!!…so that next year me and my cuzzn tried out for the homecoming talent show and made it..and was rocking every talent show after that one….we even use to freestyle in the local clubs….yeah I did the group thing for a minute until one night we was doing a show…doing a song we knew for a while…but my cuzzn hoped on stage and fucked up on the whole song….that’s when I decided to go solo…people had been telling me that..but I thought I wasn’t ready yet..until that night..then I felt it was a must…I even sold a lil weed for my school books and local studio time…that wasn’t long because my dope-man was found shot with one in the head and that was like a wake up call for me….soon after..I graduated and moved to California the next day..I came to cali looking for a studio before work.I found a job but it wasn’t love was music…I can remember being outside at work one day and one of my co-workers was talking to me….I didn’t hear a word he said up until I heard studio…I told him I rapped and he was an up and coming producer.. Shit we just clicked after that.I started doing shows all over… A few soundtracks…I was even ghostwriting for some of his artist….I was deep in it and wasn’t trying to get out of it….that connection eventually slowed up….by the year 2005 I was on top of my game….in diff. Studios…..networking with some majors…even had a few record companies on me….but it seemed everyone wasn’t as passionate about this music as I was…but I always stick to my grind…associating myself with people who are passionate about the music as I am…people who know hip-hop and listen to lyrics not beats and dances…..I’ve even opened up for the los angeles lakers…done a few tv spots….hip-hop shows…Im not stopping….and to that phrase is “hip hop dead”… its not dead…its just in the hands of the wrong people” wack niggaz” …hip-hop functions off of what we feed it….so when we as artist start taking it back to spitting with hot lyrics…the wack will fade away and real kats come in. Check me out at, and follow me on twitter @TDIIRTY God bless”


Mixtape Avenue: Scion Da Panty Raider – Staying Consistently InFront of Niggaz

September 29, 2012 Leave a comment

Support Independent artist!!! Download the new mixtape from Scion Da Panty Raider!

LMAO Comedy Night f. Vickee Valle

August 27, 2012 Leave a comment

LMAO Comedy NightHip Hop Artist Vickee Valle is the Special Musical guest at the “LMAO Comedy Night” in Sumpter, S.C. in October with headliner comedian Michael Blackson.  Vickee Valle will be performing her smash hit “Yellow Lamborghini” featuring Hip Hop artist Biggs Nevada.  Also in the building with be Hip Hop group Lyrics and Loyalty.  This event is brought to you by Arc-Lake Entertainment & TruLuv Entertainment.


ENY Hood Summer Jam

August 22, 2012 Leave a comment

Check Out the Hood Summer Jam in East New York on August 26th with performances from Boogz Boogetz, Cashmere, (SDOT) Sam Shotgun, Casino Crook and more.

“Overtime” Mixtape from Deepside ENT.

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Deepside Entertainment Presents


Featuring All Pro Cornerback Asante Samuel, Tone Trump, J-2 and more!

Sports metaphors have always been prevalent in rap & hip-hop from early on.  Many artists grow up in environments where both music and athletics are synonymous. It’s only right for one of the brightest up-and-coming rap groups, backed by NFL star cornerback Asante Samuel [@pick_six22], to title their newest mixtape Overtime.

Speaking about Goons United by the New School [@goonsunited] and their upcoming release, the All-Pro cornerback remarked, “The group is stacked with young ambitious talent. They are a bunch of high energy guys who love to make good music,” he continued, “I love the new “Hockey” record, I can’t wait for everyone to hear the rest of the project.”

Download The Lastest Mixtape Release From 2012 Duval Diamond Awards Group of The Year.

CLICK HERE to Listen/Download Mixtape

CLICK HERE to Download NO DJ VERSION of the Mixtape

As a prelude to the release of the mixtape the quartet debuted the visuals for their single off in this on
Join GOONS UNITED BY THE NEW SCHOOOL In Celebrating The Release Of Their Mixtape OVERTIME
During 2nd Annual BIG Spring Break Weekend Kick Off Featuring Juvenile at Club Boca

For Booking, Features, or to Submit Beats:



For Info, Shirts, Mixtapes, Videos etc. Visit:


Follow Us on Twitter @GoonsUnited


Slip-N-Slide New Artist CHLOE

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Miami, FL –Known for some of the hardest hitting rappers in the game and not one to shy away from the female emcee (i.e. Trina), Slip-N-Slide records has officially announced the signing of their newest artist, San Diego rapper/wild child/surfer girl Chloe.

Chloe started building a buzz last year when she dropped a video of herself walking down the streets of LA in nothing but a bikini and followed that quickly with her debut mixtape Free PXXXY. As shocking as the p-word can be, it actually stands for (in this case) “Parties Unlimited Single Sexy Youth”, which is how Chloe would describe herself. It’s not a sex movement but a youth movement of individuality, fun and confidence. The slim-built singer/rapper is already coming in with her own tailor-made sound that is one part crafted from her days as a go-go dancer in San Diego’s club scene, and one part built off her YOLO production team.

Attached is Chloe’s new video for her single “I Got A (Bitch in the Back)”. The song is the latest single from her forthcoming mixtapeHollywood Playground, which will be released this summer and followed by an album she’s currently in the studio prepping.



Follow Chloe on Twitter: @Chloe_xcrush

Facebook Fan Page:



Youtube for “Bitch In the Back”

Download links below “Bitch In the Back”


For more information on Chloe please contact

Kimberly Mason at: (646)334-2595 or via email


For booking inquiries please contact Bossman Management at:

(917) 832-4884 or via email





The Kevin Randolph Show Press Release

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Press Release

Hank Aaron, Mbe3Live – –

For Immediate Release

Mbe3Live Group associated with Mogul Boy Entertainment and Kevin Randolph


“The Kevin Randolph Show”

Baltimore, Maryland -(March 19, 2012):  The Mbe3Live Group, Mogul Boy Entertainment and Comedian Kevin Randolph announced back in the summer of 2011 that they were in partnership to work on developing a new internet radio show.  This new and innovative radio experience is combined with entertainment and empowerment.  Empowering entrepreneurs and creative individuals to chase and catch their dreams.  It is a 100 percent interactive show based out of Baltimore, Maryland.  One main goal of The Kevin Randolph Show is to build a creative network and platform for individuals and establishments world wide.  Everyone participating has an opportunity to connect with the likes of artist, producers, authors, business owners, designers and much more on the radio show.  The listener can expect everything from music, sports, relationships, current events, to the highly anticipated segment Trash-talk TV (TTV).

The host for the radio show is Kevin Randolph a local Baltimore comedian expecting to build his comedic and talk show brand into a household name.  Kevin has done local comedy shows and has long been a bubbling personality in the Baltimore area.  Now the world will get their chance to see this talent blossom into a public icon for the city of Baltimore.  He has already experienced local fame as a high school Baseball and Football player so he is no stranger to the pressures and the hot lights of being in the public eye and welcomes the challenge.

The Mbe3Live Group is a Brand Partnership company that helps other companies build their brand along with helping manage aspects of their business such as branding, and daily operations.  Mbe3Live has already established a radio show “Indie 5000” which is gaining notoriety on the internet and social media sites such as twitter and Facebook.  The Mbe3Live Group is also in partnership with several businesses from entertainment to fashion and will manage the day to day operations of “The Kevin Randolph Show”.

The show will be produced by the current “Indie 5000” radio show host, program director and producer Hank Aaron.  Hank Aaron will also serve as the initial co-host until the show can place a female in the co-hosting spot to give the show a male and female perspective.

If there are any female potential radio personalities out there that want to start or build their radio hosting career’s, please do not hesitate to contact “The Kevin Randolph Show” at:  It’s a great opportunity to add onto your resume or press kit.  The requirements are:

*Available Sunday’s 8pm-10pm Eastern Standard Time
*Outgoing personality
*Willing to improve skills

Websites: – @theKevRshow