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ENY Hood Summer Jam

August 22, 2012 Leave a comment

Check Out the Hood Summer Jam in East New York on August 26th with performances from Boogz Boogetz, Cashmere, (SDOT) Sam Shotgun, Casino Crook and more.


The Kevin Randolph Show – Sex, Money, Drugs 07/08 by MBE3Live | Blog Talk Radio

July 8, 2012 Leave a comment

Check Out the new episode of “The Kevin Randolph Show” on some much needed topics of the world:

The Kevin Randolph Show – Sex, Money, Drugs 07/08 by MBE3Live | Blog Talk Radio.

The Kevin Randolph Show Press Release

March 26, 2012 Leave a comment

Press Release

Hank Aaron, Mbe3Live – –

For Immediate Release

Mbe3Live Group associated with Mogul Boy Entertainment and Kevin Randolph


“The Kevin Randolph Show”

Baltimore, Maryland -(March 19, 2012):  The Mbe3Live Group, Mogul Boy Entertainment and Comedian Kevin Randolph announced back in the summer of 2011 that they were in partnership to work on developing a new internet radio show.  This new and innovative radio experience is combined with entertainment and empowerment.  Empowering entrepreneurs and creative individuals to chase and catch their dreams.  It is a 100 percent interactive show based out of Baltimore, Maryland.  One main goal of The Kevin Randolph Show is to build a creative network and platform for individuals and establishments world wide.  Everyone participating has an opportunity to connect with the likes of artist, producers, authors, business owners, designers and much more on the radio show.  The listener can expect everything from music, sports, relationships, current events, to the highly anticipated segment Trash-talk TV (TTV).

The host for the radio show is Kevin Randolph a local Baltimore comedian expecting to build his comedic and talk show brand into a household name.  Kevin has done local comedy shows and has long been a bubbling personality in the Baltimore area.  Now the world will get their chance to see this talent blossom into a public icon for the city of Baltimore.  He has already experienced local fame as a high school Baseball and Football player so he is no stranger to the pressures and the hot lights of being in the public eye and welcomes the challenge.

The Mbe3Live Group is a Brand Partnership company that helps other companies build their brand along with helping manage aspects of their business such as branding, and daily operations.  Mbe3Live has already established a radio show “Indie 5000” which is gaining notoriety on the internet and social media sites such as twitter and Facebook.  The Mbe3Live Group is also in partnership with several businesses from entertainment to fashion and will manage the day to day operations of “The Kevin Randolph Show”.

The show will be produced by the current “Indie 5000” radio show host, program director and producer Hank Aaron.  Hank Aaron will also serve as the initial co-host until the show can place a female in the co-hosting spot to give the show a male and female perspective.

If there are any female potential radio personalities out there that want to start or build their radio hosting career’s, please do not hesitate to contact “The Kevin Randolph Show” at:  It’s a great opportunity to add onto your resume or press kit.  The requirements are:

*Available Sunday’s 8pm-10pm Eastern Standard Time
*Outgoing personality
*Willing to improve skills

Websites: – @theKevRshow

SBSP President live on Indie 5000 Radio

January 11, 2012 Leave a comment

Talk live to “Support Black Stop Playin” President Roc Reed tonight on the Indie 5000 radio show tonight at 11:00pm.  Call live 1-347-838-9166 and see how you can get involved.

Click Here:


Indie 5000 Radio

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“Indie 5000 Radio”

Calling all artist, producers, studio’s, labels, managers, and more!!!!!!!

  • Promote yourself, music, business, brand, etc.
  • Send Music, EPK, and Info to
  • Start or Extend your Buzz
  • Network with Indie Artist and Professionals
  • Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae, Pop, Spoken Word, and more

Indie 5000

Host:  Hank Aaron

Wednesday’s 8pm – 9pm EST.

CALL LIVE:  1-347-838-9166


Indie 5000 Radio 8/10/11

August 12, 2011 Leave a comment

 Indie 5000 – Hip-hop radio show                       

Listen now On Demand:

Stay connected to the number #1 support network for artist and creators!!!!

Twitter @indie5000

Twitter @mbe3live

Sponsored by – Serving Love Inc./Authennis/Redd Cloud Productions LLC

Radio Show Name Change

August 2, 2011 Leave a comment

MBE3Live Online Radio by MBE3Live | Blog Talk Radio.

Check Out Mbe3live’s “Indie 5000” formerly known as “Indie/Unsigned Wednesday’s” radio show

Wednesday’s – 5pm – 6pm EST

Call – 1-347-838-9166


Submit mp3’s and info!!