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The Phoenix Dance Academy

The Phoenix Dance Academy



ACROBATIC TRAINING – This class teaches fundamental acrobatic skills.  There is an emphasis on general stretching and acrobatic skill.  Builds strength and endurance.  Enhances motor skill and improves coordination.

BALLET – The foundation of all dance.  Teaches ballet technique, discipline and grace.  Focus is on building strength, flexibility, body alignment and enhancing movement quality.  can be taken in conjunction of any other class.  The classical training is offered at a pace which is comfortable for students.  Although PRE-DANCE is not a prerequisite, it is quite beneficial to younger students before beginning BALLET.

ETHNIC:  AFRICAN DANCE – This class introduces dances, music, and culture of West Africa.  Students work closely with the instructor to gain an understanding of the marriage of drumming, rhythm, and music to African dance.  This class offers history as well as traditional dance techniques used by several different African tribes.

HIP_HOP (Urban Funk) – This class combines the fundamentals of urban music and cultural expression.  Students learn the technique of free body movement through creative, bold mannerisms.

JAZZ – One of out most loved and engaging classes.  This high energy class combines HIP_HOP with MODERN technique.  Students learn dance combinations, choreography and develop syncopation skills.  Taking this class helps students to be more confident and assertive about themselves and in all their classes.

LYRICAL MODERN – This class helps dancers to develop a sense of creativity through expression.  PDA teaches a combination of Graham and Horton techniques using contemporary, sometimes classical, or percussion music.  Emphasis is on physical dance floor work, dance movement patterns and expression.  This class is offered to students age 7 years and older.

PRAISE/LITURGICAL – This class focuses on Ministry through dance.  Students give praise and worship to GOD while dancing to Gospel and Christian Contemporary music.  Moreover, this class helps the student to have a relationship with GOD.  Ballet class is a good prerequisite.

Pre-Dance/PRE-TAP (Children, age 3 – 5 yrs.) – Introduces the basic foundation of dance to young students.  Students motor skills, balance and coordination are enhanced through fundamental dance movements and rhythms associated with pre-beginner level BALLET, TAP and JAZZ techniques.

TAP – This class helps build rhythm and coordination.  The focus of this energetic class is on traditional tap fundamentals and updated rhythm-tap styles.  PDA’s emphasis on percussive footwork and body movement helps to develop students’ confidence and stage presence.

Special Note:

All Students are placed in classes compatible to their dance skill levels.  The determining factors for placement are PDA’s faculty decisions and individual student progression.


Registration Fee – $50 Per Student

Class Fee                  – $10 Per Class Session


Paid on a monthly basis (first Saturday of the month)

  • One Class                                                            $10.00
  • Two Classes                                                      $20.00
  • Three Classes                                                  $28.00
  • Four Classes                                                     $36.00
  • Five Classes                                                      $44.00 
  • Six Classes                                                         $50.00

The Phoenix Dance Academy

1087 Fulton Street

Brooklyn, NY 11238


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